A jewel in words

When my feet walk, my mind wanders. Finished my third poem for today. Once the thought is there, it doesn't take much time to write a Free Verse. It is a profound and deep piece. #grateful


Penned 2 beautiful poems

I've just finished writing 2 beautiful poems. One of them was swirling in my mind, for a few days now. The second one, the wind just whispered into my ears. #gratitude #feelingoverwhelmed

AUTHOR PROFILE: Vijaya Gowrisankar, writer featured in the NANCY DREW ANTHOLOGY

Grateful to have an opportunity and be a part of this wonderful anthology, along with 97 other contributors from various nations. Nancy Drew had a great influence on me, in my growing up years. My author profile is featured here. Thank you Silver Birch Press for this opportunity. Nancy Drew Anthology can be ordered here.... Continue Reading →

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