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A jewel in words


When my feet walk, my mind wanders.

Finished my third poem for today. Once the thought is there, it doesn’t take much time to write a Free Verse. It is a profound and deep piece. #grateful


Author: Vijaya Gowrisankar

I am passionate about poetry. The freedom to express a thought in as many lines or form that I choose, to create something that each person can 'personalize and visualize differently' - poetry, is truly an art to enjoy and cherish.

2 thoughts on “A jewel in words

  1. Instead of just defaulting to “Open Form” at which you already excel, have you thought of adding rhyme into the mix. By doing some rhyme, or some other simple change, you can move yourself to a greater level of poetic skill than you have had before. It takes a little discipline and a bit of effort, but it is a way to grow in skill and ability. 🙂

    Something else that is almost as easy as “Open Form” is the “Psalm Form”. It doesn’t have any metering, line length requirements, or overall restrictions. Each segment is made up of a kind of couplet known as a “Distich”. The first part of each Distich does ‘rhyme’ after a fashion with the second part of the Distich. It does not ‘rhyme’ in sound, however. It ‘rhymes’ in thought, instead.

    I’m not sure if I have ever given you a copy of the write-up I did about the form, or not. If not, I can attach a copy to a courriel to you. It is the easiest form I have ever found. I find it even easier than “Open Form”, but then I find “Open Form” to be on the difficult side. Instead, I find such things as Haiku/Senryu, Sonnets, and even just miscellaneous metered rhyme relatively easy. The “Psalm Form” to be the easiest of all, though I don’t write in it often.


  2. I have to be careful about letting my mind wander. I have reached the age where if my mind wanders, I can no longer be assured that it will return. 🙂


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