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My first Kyrielle poetry: When hearts connect #keeplearning

pexels-photo-235615Enjoyed writing my first Kyrielle poetry form today.

The Kyrielle is a French form written in quatrains. Each quatrain contains a repeated line or phrase as a refrain. Each line usually has 8 syllables. There is no limit to the number of stanzas, but three is generally the minimum.

The normal structure is a/a/b/B, c/c/b/B, d/d/b/B. with B being the repeated line.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day.

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Awaken, Ruminate – first & second Lai poems – #keeplearning

sunset-172079_1280  Lai is a French poetic form.  It’s a nine-line poem or stanza that uses an “a” and “b” rhyme following this pattern: aabaabaab.

The lines with an “a” rhyme use 5 syllables; the “b” rhyme lines have 2 syllables.

I was walking towards home today and the setting sun shone into my eye. I was unable to focus on anything else, the sun captured my attention with its beauty.

I wrote my first and second Lai poems on this experience. They are titled Awaken and Ruminate respectively.

Experience something new today, relive the joy of nature….Have a great day.

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With calloused palms – my fifth Rondine poem – #apoemaday


Good day to you. Thank you for visiting this post.

With calloused palms follows Rondine poetic form, with 10 syllables per line. Its a poem about Rickshaw pullers and adapting to change.

Rondine is a French poetic form that follows 8 or 10 syllables per line (except for R) and the rhythm is

(R a)


where R is a refrain

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A Shakespearean Sonnet – on Cancer – The Valor Shines – #todayspoem

pexels_downloadWhen the pain overwhelms, and expressions fail, I lean on Shakespearean Sonnet to write my feelings. Today’s poem deals with Cancer. The title is ‘The Valor Shines’. Its been a while since I have written a Shakespearean Sonnet. I am sending it to my mentor BeaJay for review and feedback. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day. Photo credit –


My first ‘Bref Double’ poem – #keeplearning

pixabayBref Double is a French poetic form consisting of 3 quatrains and a final couplet, making 14 lines.

My first Bref Double is titled ‘You Can, You Will’. Each line is 8 syllables.
It follows the rhyme

Here are the rules for a Bref Double:

  • 4 stanzas: 3 quatrains (or 4-line stanzas) and 1 couplet (or 2-line stanza)
  • 3 rhymes: an A rhyme, B rhyme, and C rhyme
  • The A and B rhymes appear twice in the first 3 stanzas and once each in the couplet
  • The C rhyme is the final line in each of the quatrains
  • Each poem has a variable line length, but the lines should be consistent within each poem

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Today ‘s poem – Little princess – #apoemaday

litteprincess Today’s poem follows Rondine form. Its titled ‘Little princess’.

When I say, ‘Little Princess’, what comes to your mind? I have expressed my vision…go ahead and write yours.

I hope to write a poem everyday – #apoemaday.

I have also submitted my poems to a few publications. Fingers crossed, till they get back. Have a great day…

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