My first ‘Bref Double’ poem – #keeplearning

pixabayBref Double is a French poetic form consisting of 3 quatrains and a final couplet, making 14 lines.

My first Bref Double is titled ‘You Can, You Will’. Each line is 8 syllables.
It follows the rhyme

Here are the rules for a Bref Double:

  • 4 stanzas: 3 quatrains (or 4-line stanzas) and 1 couplet (or 2-line stanza)
  • 3 rhymes: an A rhyme, B rhyme, and C rhyme
  • The A and B rhymes appear twice in the first 3 stanzas and once each in the couplet
  • The C rhyme is the final line in each of the quatrains
  • Each poem has a variable line length, but the lines should be consistent within each poem

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3 thoughts on “My first ‘Bref Double’ poem – #keeplearning

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  1. You are such a challenge. I have been doing the same few forms I know for years now. Here within the last two weeks you have done two new forms i have never even heard of. Thank you for being willing to instruct us some of the slightly more esoteric forms. Now I need to get up from the keyboard and try these forms you’ve shown us. 🙂

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  2. I tried to write a piece using this form. It was a bit difficult, but that was due to the subject matter. It’s an interesting form. It’s close enough to a Sonnet that I find it intriguing, but it’s enough different to be much more challenging. Though there is no such requirement, I still used Iambic Pentameter. It was easier to use for me than just trying to use a simple syllable count. … Hey! What can I say? I find Iambic Pentameter to be easy! … I apparently have an ear for the stressed and unstressed syllables. Thank you for challenging me in such a way. 🙂

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