A new tune -My second Bref Double poem – #keeplearning


Attempted my second Bref Double poem today. The title is ‘A new tune’. Each line has 10 syllables and the rhyme scheme is axbc  xbxc  xaxc  ab

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2 thoughts on “A new tune -My second Bref Double poem – #keeplearning

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  1. I have done some thinking about this form, and I wonder if there is any considerations within the form of how one’s thoughts are expressed and how those thoughts are developed through the quatrains and the couplet.

    I know with the traditional English Sonnet the first two quatrains develop a thought, the third quatrain makes a twist in thought, and the couplet at the end puts it all in perspective. In a Dorn Sonnet the first sextet expresses a thought, the couplet in the middle shows an insight, and the final sextet shows how that insight about the first sextet applies to life in general.

    Do you know of any such traditions of thought expression in the Bref Double form? Based on the three quatrain couplet arrangement, it seems like there would be some form of thought progression highlighted either by the quatrain couplet form, by the way the rhymes fit together, or both.

    Do you have any ideas on the matter?


  2. There is no such requirement of the form, other than the rhyming scheme and having the same number of syllables. This sort of gives you the freedom to express in any manner. As with all poems and poets, they do follow a particular flow to take the poem forward. I have used the Sonnet structure for taking the poem forward.


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