Giving voice to thoughts, poem by Vijaya Gowrisankar (ME, AT 17 Poetry and Prose Series)

My poem published on Silver Birch Press in the ME, At 17 series. Thank you Silver Birch Press for this opportunity

Silver Birch Press

theme-variations-plate-96-butterflyGiving voice to thoughts
by Vijaya Gowrisankar

Oh! Sweet Seventeen, I entered high school
and tried to befriend strangers till then
New classmates, new teachers, new ambience,
new opportunities with inter-school fests

The limelight of stage was so alluring
Few minutes to leave a mark, open to judgement
No one wanted to participate in writing events
The loss of names left our teachers perplexed

They challenged us, motivated us to channel
our thoughts, understand the power of words
My shyness dragged me down, but my defiance
won the battle and I slowly raised my hand

When the topic was given, I first felt blank
The force of words hit me, from all directions
Till then, a voracious reader β€” writing
felt like finding my way in darkness

One word and one step at a time, the thoughts
flowed, finding their voice β€” Β like a butterfly
fluttering its wings for the…

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One thought on “Giving voice to thoughts, poem by Vijaya Gowrisankar (ME, AT 17 Poetry and Prose Series)

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  1. This is a wonderful poem. It speaks so clearly to the beginnings of one’s poetic writings. I started on my own without teacher interference, but the feelings were similar. After I had started, there were a few times when I turned in poetry for some of my English class homework. While I didn’t get more than average marks, the acceptance of my writing helped to encourage me. Now, I inflict my literary torture on others shamelessly. πŸ™‚

    You, on the other hand, are gradually brightening up the world with the light of your wondrous words. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚


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