Savour in Hot Releases and Trending Now


Welcome or Let Go

I am here today, at this moment
Beside you, influencing you
With the power you have bestowed upon me

Who am I? Sometimes, I am the joy
of achievement, sometimes the agony
of failure, sometimes the test of perseverance

I enfold you in the see-saw of emotions,
enjoying the hold I have on you. For ages,
I was just a story told as tales to grandchildren

Today, with technology, I can be captured
I can spread my wings on social media
The art to embrace me or release me is the lesson to learn


One thought on “Savour in Hot Releases and Trending Now

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  1. This is a great piece. The one who seeks to influence with the power given is indeed pervasive. That one has definitely been captured from the wild, and has been released within the technological web that now envelopes us all. I know because I am having to deepen my knowledge and ability to embrace or shun that one. I am much better at it than I was three years ago, but the learning has had some very rough spots. … Fortunately, there has been a precious friend that has been making the learning easier than it would have been without her. … Thank you for continuing to clarify things as you have with this piece.


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