To let go or to hold on…


To let go or to hold on…It is a very difficult decision to make. There are no easy choices and there is no easy answer. It is very situational in nature.

To let go

  1. When self-respect is lost in a relation
  2. When it is time to let go e.g. in a parent-child relation
  3. Of hurtful words, that lowers self-confidence
  4. Of negative influences in life, that we know are harmful, yet are so tempting
  5. Of dreams, when we desperately want to hold on to it and try again

To hold on

  1. To hope, when things seem bleak
  2. To learning attitude, for there is so much to learn
  3. To determination and perseverance
  4. To self-belief, when all around chaos reigns

To hold on or to let go…all decisions in life revolve around this very crux.

One thought on “To let go or to hold on…

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  1. What you have shared here is insightful and profound. It is indeed the crux of life. The one point I might reconsider is that of giving up on one’s dreams. If the dreams are merely the chasing after fantasies, then yes we must let go of those dreams and move on to what really matters.

    If, however, the dream is the cry of one’s heart to the very thing that is central to whom the person is, then to deny that dream is to deny oneself. That is a major catastrophe in life. There is the dream of one’s existence that must be followed regardless of whatever else is going on in one’s life.

    To be able to get through all this one must pursue Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, and Discernment. If pursued properly, they will guide and protect you. If ignored, one is on the slippery slope to destruction.


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