Today, we gain insights on why team work can fail and how to overcome these pitfalls. We also touch on conflicts within a team.

The reasons a team can fail can be attributed to:

  1. Missing clarity of the vision
  2. Unsure of what requires team effort
  3. Missing mututal accountability
  4. Lack of resources
  5. Lack of effective leadership
  6. Lack of planning
  7. Lack of management support
  8. Inability to deal with conflict
  9. Lack of focus on excellence
  10. Lack of training

Conflicts within a team can arise from:

  1. Positions, strategies, or opinions
  2. Mistrust or fallout in communication
  3. Personality clashes
  4. Power issue and personal agendas

To create a high performing team:

  1. P – Purpose and values
  2. E – Empowerment
  3. R – Relationships and communication
  4. F – Flexibility
  5. O – Optimal productivity
  6. R – Recognition and appreciation
  7. M – Morale

To become an effective servant leaders,

  1. Value your people
  2. Be humble
  3. Listen
  4. Trust
  5. Care


Hope these insights help you in managing your team and personal growth. Thank you for joining me today. #growtogether