Unveiling the Secrets of success in 8 words – Richard St. John’s 4 minute TED talk

A warm welcome to you. Thank you for stopping by. I am here to share a stunning TED talk of less than 4 minutes that compiles the secrets of success in 8 words. Richard St. John was asked by a not-so well-to-do girl on a plane "What is the secret to success?" To answer this... Continue Reading →


Draw your audience, improve your presentations and storytelling – my takeaway from David JP Phillips’s 2 TEDx talks

Before I dive into the 2 TEDx talks of David JP Phillips and my takeaways from them, I want to give this additional reading material a bow. If you want to improve your presentation skills, Todd Reubold has a lot of tips for you. 'Top Tips for Superstar Presentations by Todd Reubold -'. Don't... Continue Reading →

Simple, get ready to transform yourself – My takeaway from Carrie Green’s TEDx talk ‘Programming your mind for success’

Carrie starts by calling volunteers onto stage. One person comes up and she gives him an award. She then asks an important question: What stopped some people from volunteering? 1. Fear 2. Obstacles 3. Motivation She talks in depth of what could be going on in the mind of people when she asked this question.... Continue Reading →

Transform your life today – it is simple – my takeaway from Lena Kay’s TEDx talk

"What would it take to transform your life and the world around you?" Lena empowers individuals, entrepreneurs, and groups to transform and become who they need to be, to maximise their potential and live life on their own terms. She talks about a young child and the struggles the child went through, till one day,... Continue Reading →

Insightful, actionable, and interesting – My takeaway from 2 TEDx talks ‘Designing Your Life’ by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

I am happy to usher in 2018 with this twin TEDx talk summaries. It definitely helps me to set the platform for newer goals and tweak my mindset. 'Designing your Life' is written by 2 authors, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. I aim to bring the best of the 2 talks here today and summarize... Continue Reading →

Simple, yet powerful – my takeaway from Dr. Ivan Joseph’s TEDx talk

Today, we will ponder on Dr. Ivan Joseph's talk 'The skill of self-confidence'. The talk is simple, yet powerful. Dr. Ivan stresses some important points throughout the talk. Though the talk was conducted in 2012, every point is still relevant. The points are summarized below. Dr. Ivan says, "Without self-confidence skill, you are useless as... Continue Reading →

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