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Welcome or Let Go

I am here today, at this moment
Beside you, influencing you
With the power you have bestowed upon me

Who am I? Sometimes, I am the joy
of achievement, sometimes the agony
of failure, sometimes the test of perseverance

I enfold you in the see-saw of emotions,
enjoying the hold I have on you. For ages,
I was just a story told as tales to grandchildren

Today, with technology, I can be captured
I can spread my wings on social media
The art to embrace me or release me is the lesson to learn



Mary Barnet, whose books have been nominated for Pushcart and Nobel Prizes reviews Explore and calls me “a child of Kipling” #gratitude

explorevijayaMary Barnet, American poet, published 86 Sonnets for the 21st Century in 2015 & is being nominated for a second time for a Pushcart Prize. Her first book, The New American: Selected Poems (Gilford Press 2006) was nominated for a Nobel Prize. It has been reviewed by Adam Donaldson Powell who calls the poems “carefully tailored pearls.”

Mary reviews Explore  and calls me “a child of Kipling”. Read the review at





My poem published in Triadæ Magazine – n.8 – Marzo 2017 #poetryispassion

Blessings of Holi –  my poem “The Red Within” is published in Triadæ Magazine – n.8 – Marzo 2017, on page 35. Proud to represent my country, and be one among 37 contributors from 9 countries.

the red within poem

My poem “The Red Within” on page 35


One among 37 contributors from 9 countries

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AUTHOR PROFILE: Vijaya Gowrisankar, writer featured in the NANCY DREW ANTHOLOGY

JpegGrateful to have an opportunity and be a part of this wonderful anthology, along with 97 other contributors from various nations. Nancy Drew had a great influence on me, in my growing up years.

My author profile is featured here. Thank you Silver Birch Press for this opportunity. Nancy Drew Anthology can be ordered here.


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Remembering 2 important moments

I was just seeing looking at my literary journey and found 2 stars that I had not shared with you all. So here it goes: Poetry Marathon 2016 (Aug 13 and Aug 14, 2016), where I wrote 24 poems in 24 continuous hours – 1 poem each hour.

NaNoWriMo 2016 – National November Writing Month – write a novel with at least 50,000 words. I completed my first novel ‘Unlikely Friendships’

Both these events introduced me to many wonderful people from around the world. #gratitude