My personal takeaway from Kevin Lawrence’s training

I am fortunate to work in a forward-looking company, an organization that encourages and nurtures growth. We attended a one-day training with Kevin Lawrence yesterday. We covered the work of Jim Collins (4 books) and Kevin's recent release 'Your Oxygen Mask First.' The training was a great value-add. Kevin, as a coach, wants you to... Continue Reading →


It takes courage to share your struggle

It took 8 years for acceptance to flow in, at the helplessness that eroded my soul   It took 8 years to answer the questions of 'Why me' that plagued me, each time I tried to speak   It took 8 years to look into the mirror and not yearn for the talkative child I had... Continue Reading →

TEDx Gateway 2018 highlights

8th TEDx Gateway, 28 speakers, 5,500 attendees, and diverse topics ranging from technology, innovation, socio-economic, medical, musical performances, and self-development/challenging oneself. The opening Mallakhamb performance by Uday Vishwanath Deshpande's group had performers in the age group of 5 to 64 years. It also included visually challenged children from school of blind performing on the rope.... Continue Reading →

Draw your audience, improve your presentations and storytelling – my takeaway from David JP Phillips’s 2 TEDx talks

Before I dive into the 2 TEDx talks of David JP Phillips and my takeaways from them, I want to give this additional reading material a bow. If you want to improve your presentation skills, Todd Reubold has a lot of tips for you. 'Top Tips for Superstar Presentations by Todd Reubold -'. Don't... Continue Reading →

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