TEDx Gateway 2018 – Ripple Effects – Post 3

When friends go together to attend an event, the discussion about the event and how it influenced them are carried forward for a while – at the lunch table, when you take a walk, etc. I will be sharing some of the takeaways and the ripple effect of the TEDx Gateway 2018 in my blog... Continue Reading →


Unveiling the Secrets of success in 8 words – Richard St. John’s 4 minute TED talk

A warm welcome to you. Thank you for stopping by. I am here to share a stunning TED talk of less than 4 minutes that compiles the secrets of success in 8 words. Richard St. John was asked by a not-so well-to-do girl on a plane "What is the secret to success?" To answer this... Continue Reading →

Mary Barnet, whose books have been nominated for Pushcart and Nobel Prizes reviews Explore and calls me “a child of Kipling” #gratitude

Mary Barnet, American poet, published 86 Sonnets for the 21st Century in 2015 & is being nominated for a second time for a Pushcart Prize. Her first book, The New American: Selected Poems (Gilford Press 2006) was nominated for a Nobel Prize. It has been reviewed by Adam Donaldson Powell who calls the poems "carefully... Continue Reading →

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