My takeaway from Shiv Khera’s TEDx talk Making a commitment

I have always been inspired by Shiv Khera. His book 'You can win' laid the foundation and changed my life in many ways, about 20 years ago, when it was first published. I often find myself flipping through this book, time and again. Today, I will share my takeaways from Shiv Khera's TEDx talk 'Making... Continue Reading →


Broaden your network – My takeaway from Tanya Menon’s TEDx talk

Tanya touches upon some very important points in our behavior patterns. Some of her statements make us think about our actions. We are creatures of habit. We socially narrow in our lives, in our school, and in our work. Are our friends just like us? We are comfortable to be around people who are similar... Continue Reading →

TEDx Gateway 2018 highlights

8th TEDx Gateway, 28 speakers, 5,500 attendees, and diverse topics ranging from technology, innovation, socio-economic, medical, musical performances, and self-development/challenging oneself. The opening Mallakhamb performance by Uday Vishwanath Deshpande's group had performers in the age group of 5 to 64 years. It also included visually challenged children from school of blind performing on the rope.... Continue Reading →

Touching, true, and thought provoking – my takeaway from Susan David’s TED talk ‘The gift and power of emotional courage’

Susan received a standing ovation from her TED audience and from me for handling a sensitive, delicate talk so beautifully. She mentioned many points in her talk that can act as a guiding light towards emotional agility and well-being. Susan starts by greeting her audience "Sawubona". This is the Zulu word for "hello", meaning "I... Continue Reading →

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