TEDx Gateway 2018 highlights

8th TEDx Gateway, 28 speakers, 5,500 attendees, and diverse topics ranging from technology, innovation, socio-economic, medical, musical performances, and self-development/challenging oneself. The opening Mallakhamb performance by Uday Vishwanath Deshpande's group had performers in the age group of 5 to 64 years. It also included visually challenged children from school of blind performing on the rope.... Continue Reading →

Touching, true, and thought provoking – my takeaway from Susan David’s TED talk ‘The gift and power of emotional courage’

Susan received a standing ovation from her TED audience and from me for handling a sensitive, delicate talk so beautifully. She mentioned many points in her talk that can act as a guiding light towards emotional agility and well-being. Susan starts by greeting her audience "Sawubona". This is the Zulu word for "hello", meaning "I... Continue Reading →

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