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Creating my first book trailer –

Savour“Savour – Art and Poetry meet” has given me wings to try many things for the first time.

My first:

  1. book of ekphrastic poetry
  2. collaboration with 19 artists
  3. attempt on 20 poetic forms
  4. book which has blurbs and foreword
  5. book that is nominated for a reader’s choice
  6. award in Non-Fiction category (page 5 of 16) – voting open till 1st December 2017
  7. book that has given me many author interviews
  8. book that has a book trailer
  9. book that was completed and available within 3 to 4 months

“Savour – Art and Poetry meet” is an ambitious endeavor. Its success will help me pursue future endeavors like this more frequently.



100 quotes on

Today (Aug 23, 2017), I posted my 100th quote on I posted my first quote on June 12, 2017. The journey of these 100 quotes has been exciting, a learning experience and revealing.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank for providing a wonderful platform with lovely background wallpapers.

What did I learn?

1. To write short poems/quotes – After 4 books where I have written longer poems (except for forms like Haiku), it was a different experience learning to share a thought in limited space.

2. Visual backgrounds enhanced my poems – Visual backgrounds enhanced poems and attracted more readers.

3. Mobile app to write poetry – Write anytime, anywhere, on your mobile!

4. Explore Instagram – I explored the world of Instagram, as I had visual content now.

5. Met new readers/authors on – I read a lot of good work of members and received appreciation for my work.

Looking forward to the next milestone. Cheers and thank you for your support.




A world of theorems and formulae, poem by Vijaya Gowrisankar (MY FIRST JOB Poetry and Prose Series)

Sharing my first love…

Silver Birch Press

johns 1959A world of theorems and formulae
by Vijaya Gowrisankar

“This sum is so hard.” I heard my friends groan. I looked
at them and shook my head. “Once you understand the
technique, it is really simple,” I said. Maths and I were best
pals; she understood me and I understood her, like no other

It all started with explaining how to solve the Maths problems
to my friends, my classmates. I needed assistance for Hindi and
I offered my services as a Maths teacher to her son, instead of
tuition fees. It started as a mutual understanding, a need

Before I knew it, I was spending time teaching Maths to those who
struggled with it. I was always surrounded by kids, even at lunch,
those in the same class and junior to me. The joy when they solved
each problem and the struggle to explain to those who refused to…

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See-saw of emotions, poem by Vijaya Gowrisankar (LOST AND FOUND Poetry and Prose Series)

My poem See-saw of emotions, published in Silver Birch Press, on the LOST and FOUND series. #gratitude

Silver Birch Press

earring1See-saw of emotions
by Vijaya Gowrisankar

The lunch bell gong! We gobbled our lunch
and ran down from the first floor to the
playground, as fast as we could

Our small legs, all of seven years, was ready
for exercise, as we decided to play catch-catch
After ten minutes, we huffed and puffed

We stood holding our stomach, to catch our breath
My classmate looked at me and asked “Where is
your other earring?” I looked at her, blank

She pointed to my left ear. I realized that my
earring was missing. My first expensive present,
the loops of gold, I had received on my birthday

last week. My mother’s words rang in my ear
“Be careful, and touch your ear often to ensure
your earring is there”. Twin tears, big ones

rolled down my cheeks. My friends consoled me
and we started our search. I had checked my ears

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Author Interview – Vijaya Gowrisankar – “Explore”, “Inspire” & “Reflect” (Poetry Author)

My first author interview. Thank you David Ellis.

toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish)

Hey there everyone.

I am delighted to be able to share with you all another interview that I have conducted for the ongoing Author Interview series, this time round with a very talented poet.

She has published multiple collections of sensual, engaging and uplifting poetry.

Please welcome author and poet Vijaya Gowrisankar, as she chats about how she crafts her stimulating pieces, along with what inspires her in life and the experiences she has had writing them.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the show.


Hi there Vijaya, thank you for being our featured guest here today to discuss how you write your beautiful and engaging poetry.

Let’s start with your poetry volumes “Explore”, “Reflect” and “Inspire”. Please go into more detail about each of them, along with the themes behind them and your own mantra/philosophies that you infuse into your work when it comes to your writing style.

Inspire is my…

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Giving voice to thoughts, poem by Vijaya Gowrisankar (ME, AT 17 Poetry and Prose Series)

My poem published on Silver Birch Press in the ME, At 17 series. Thank you Silver Birch Press for this opportunity

Silver Birch Press

theme-variations-plate-96-butterflyGiving voice to thoughts
by Vijaya Gowrisankar

Oh! Sweet Seventeen, I entered high school
and tried to befriend strangers till then
New classmates, new teachers, new ambience,
new opportunities with inter-school fests

The limelight of stage was so alluring
Few minutes to leave a mark, open to judgement
No one wanted to participate in writing events
The loss of names left our teachers perplexed

They challenged us, motivated us to channel
our thoughts, understand the power of words
My shyness dragged me down, but my defiance
won the battle and I slowly raised my hand

When the topic was given, I first felt blank
The force of words hit me, from all directions
Till then, a voracious reader — writing
felt like finding my way in darkness

One word and one step at a time, the thoughts
flowed, finding their voice —  like a butterfly
fluttering its wings for the…

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